March 16-18 2021

Virtual Pittsburgh AAC Language Seminar Series (PALSS)


Virtual PALSS will cover a range of topics over the course of 3 days using a variety of formats including lecture, breakout activity sessions, and hands-on follow along instruction with devices/software. Each day includes a lunch break and several short duration breaks. Registered participants will receive a detailed agenda.


Registration Fee: $224.00


*Registration before March 2, 2021 will allow time for a device loan from PRC to be arranged (US Residents). A device is not required to participate in the seminar but having access to one can be beneficial during hands-on segments.


DAY 1 – (10AM – 5:30PM EST)
Core Vocabulary
Language Acquisition
Communication Partner Training
UNITY® Language System – Hands-on Time

DAY 2 – (10AM – 5:30PM EST)
Guest Speaker Presentation (Details Below)

DAY 3 – (10AM – 5:30PM EST)
Recognition Memory and Motor Automaticity
Language Development in the Classroom
Bloom’s Taxonomy
Conversation with Chris Klein (individual who uses a UNITY® system)
PASS Software Training
Natural Polysemy



Guest Speaker Presentation:

Assessment and Intervention of Dual Language Learners (Spanish/English) who use AAC

Gloria Soto, PhD

Participants will learn to assess the communicative needs of children who use AAC and are growing up in communities that use both Spanish and English. We will frame our assessment and intervention in an integrated model that brings together the sociocultural, psycholinguistic, structural, interactive, and developmental aspects of language development in both languages. Participants will learn about strategies and tools to describe the communicative profile, set appropriate goals, design therapy materials, and monitor the growth of their dual language learning clients.