A Minspeak® system is a way of representing language through icons.

icons representing Juice and Adjective, to indicate Thirsty
icons representing Juice and a Verb, to indicate the action of Drinking

Only God Could Hear Me

Starring and narrated by Chris Klein and Jennifer Lowe, ‘Only God Could Hear Me’ offers a portrait of the lives and souls of ‘non-speakers,’ looking beyond just how they communicate, into why they are driven to do so.

an apple with a bee on it

How Minspeak® Allows for Independent Communication by Giving Anyone Access to Core Vocabulary

In order to understand how Minspeak® allows for independent communication, it is important to understand what is meant by core vocabulary and how everyone uses it, no matter their age or activity.

a blue sneaker

Beyond Boundaries: Minspeak® wins Emmy®

OnQ focuses on a language developed by a Pittsburgh-area man that helps physically and mentally challenged people lead fuller lives. Minspeak allows people to independently communicate a large vocabulary more quickly and efficiently than in similar devices.